Private Collection of Graphical Art - Maps and Prints to Acquire - Website under Development

About the Collection, its Provenance and Classical Graphical Techniques

This website presents prints from a private collection. The prints in the catalogue are only a selection from this collection. More will be added as the website is developed.

All prints (i.e. their images) included are free for use via the internet and most of the prints can be purchased. A part of the collection has not yet been catalogued. Many of these prints derive from the collection of Albert Hümmerich, renown as a knowledgeable antiquarian, who built an extraordinary private collection of Americana. He also supplied antique books, maps and prints from his collection for a number of exhibitions, e.g. the 200th anniversary of the Founding of the United States of America (in Berlin 1976) or the 500 year celebration of the Discovery of America by Columbus (in Hamburg 1992), see e.g. the publications  listed in the Library of Congress Online Catalogue. As Mr. Hümmerich´s health worsened over the last years, he sold parts of his collection and handed successively the remaining parts over to me, his nephew. Thus I took over the responsibility of a part of the collection and his estate on his and our family´s behalf. 

The website ClassicalGraphics.De serves different purposes. One is to help foster appreciation for the artform of  ´classical´ graphical techniques  (woodcut, engraving, etching, lithography etc.), which allowed (re)production of images in larger series before photography was invented. Another purpose is to exploit the potentials of the internet for the dissemination of such images and encourage the high regard that these now classical prints deserve. Therefore, we have compiled a list of links that are useful to people that esteem, collect or simply want to study old graphical artwork or maps and views. And last but not least, one purpose is to provide the monetary means for the financial requirements that came with the collection.

We hope you can make use of this website even though it is as yet incomplete. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

R. Stein

PS - für deutschsprachige Nutzer (for German users):
- Gegenwärtig ist diese Website überwiegend (nur) in Englisch verfügbar, für die wichtigen Teile werden Fassungen in deutscher Sprache folgen.
- Zu den Techniken, der Geschichte und Bedeutung der grafischen Kunst gibt es eine recht gute (deutsche) Einführung unter dem Titel GrafikSehen auf der Website des Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Köln.
- Als Einführung in die Techniken der grafischen Kunst ist auch das Glossar Druckgrafik der Ragaziana Stiftung (Bad Ragaz, Schweiz) zu empfehlen.
- Und auf der Website findet sich ein nützliches dreisprachiges Glossar (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch) mit Fachbegriffen und Abkürzungen.