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Terms & Conditions


All maps, views, prints in this catalogue are guaranteed to be authentic prints (woodcuts, engravings, etchings etc.) printed at or about (c.) the given date. Unless stated otherwise they are uncoloured. The term ´original colouring´ means that these items have been coloured at or around their date of publication. (There are no prints are listed, which have been coloured in recent times.)

Description of prints

Because of their antiquity some prints may show marks of use or influences from light or air such as the typical browning of some papers. Most prints listed are in good to excellent shape. To classify the condition of a print we use five categories: 

excellent > very good > good > fair > poor

A detailed description of any print can be obtained on demand, and close up or high resolution photographs (approx. 1 MB) can be sent by eMail (e.g. in JPG-Format).

Size of the prints is given in centimeter (cm), height x width, and usually refers to size of the plate.
If you want to convert: 1 cm = 0,394 inch.

In photographs the ´true´ colours of prints and their paper (including those prints with black and white images) are always very difficult to show. The real colours of the print will usually be slightly different from the photographs in our thumbnails (small images) or the in pop-ups (that come up when you click on the thumbnail). Please ask, if there are questions.

Prints for sale and prints for internet use

Prices of prints for sale are given in Euros (€) and do not include postage or insurance.
If you want to convert into other currencies, you can use the X-rates currency converter.

Prints with no prices given are not or not yet for sale, the usual free ´virtual use´ of these prints is possible and desired.


Shipment & Return policy

The purchase will be sent immediately after the full receipt of payment. Prints are shipped usually by registered mail or registered air mail. Costs for shipping will be about 5 € within Germany, 9 € within Europe and 15 € outside of Europe. Shipment by courier services is possible but will, in general, cause additional cost.

A purchase may be returned for any reason within 10 working days and will be fully refunded as long as it is returned with full postage, correctly packaged and insured and is still in the same condition as when sent.